Hand Wash & Dry

Prices start from: £20

The Process:

The Wash:

  • Prepared using all purpose cleaner on the body and windows of the vehicle.
  • Wheels are then brushed with Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner/Acid Wheel Cleaner
    This depends on customer preference and/or the requirement at the time.
  • Pressure washed to remove all surface dirt particles.
  • Bodywork hand washed with Car Shampoo
    Our preferred product line comes from Meguiars but we also stock Autoglym products, again, customer preference is taken into consideration.
  • Pressure washed again to remove any remaining dirt and grime.
  • Bodywork dried using synthetic leather cloths (Shammy Leathers).
  • Windows are cleansed inside and outside using smear-free glass refresher.
  • Tyres are dressed with protective rubber cleaner & shine.

Estimated Time for this service:

20 > 30 Minutes